What is Asheville Van Life?

The inaugural Asheville Van Life Rally was coordinated in August of 2015, in conjunction with the 5Point Adventure Film Festival, with about 25 vehicles on display. In 2016, the Rally grew to attract over 75 vehicles, and created quite a buzz. We joyfully kicked tires, geeked out, shared stories about our adventures since we last got together, and spent quality time together on a beautiful fall evening.

After 5Point withdrew their participation in the Asheville community following the 2016 event, Micah Pulleyn, former 5Point Asheville Festival Manager and National Events Director, was faced with a long list of vanlifers who really wanted the Rally to continue. With consistent and persistent nudging, nagging, and passion from the Southeast #vanlife community, Micah decided to put feelers out there to see if there was enough desire to pull off the third annual Asheville Van Life Rally. The feedback was exuberantly positive and so, we got together and started planning. And, now, we are keeping the love flowing again, year after year!

The people of this community are what the Asheville Van Life is all about. It's not just about an event, it's about the connection created between people sharing stories, ideas, passion, and adventure. Micah has only created an opportunity for everyone to come together and share in their own magic.

Be on the lookout for trips, gatherings, forums, meet-ups, workshops, presentations, dance parties, pop-up van installations, virtual "community bulletin board," and giveaways for the entire van life community on this site—it is intended to be a place to come together when we can't in person.

WHO IS the person behind this?

Micah Pulleyn is the founder and director of the Asheville Van Life Rally, as well as other events throughout the country. She is an event specialist, project manager, and marketing/branding consultant. Her passion is creating a stronger community of people. She also loves to play outdoors and hang out with her son, Coletrane.

To contact Micah directly, email ashevillevanlife@gmail.com or call 828.380.9287.