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SEPTEMBER 20-22 2019

111 Howard Gap Road, Fletcher NC 28732

We’ve compiled some great info for you to review before the event via the button below.

More Questions? Check out the FAQ below.


What does the WEEKEND CAMPING pass include?

The weekend camping experience includes access to multiple campfire areas, live music, craft beer, food trucks, kids activities, vendor village, and festivities celebrating the van life community. A natural area, walking and biking trails, and a pond are also included on the property for your relaxation and enjoyment. The weekend camping pass includes all programming for the weekend such as yoga, vanlife Q&A sessions, workshops, and community-led conversations.

Note that this ticket is for each person wanting to camp for the weekend. You must also purchase a vehicle pass for your vehicle. Load-in for all weekend camping passes is from 12-4pm on Friday, September 21 at 111 Howard Gap Road, Fletcher NC 28732. If you are late, you will need to check in at the front gate and you will be informed of who to call to check you in.

Note that the weekend camping pass is for those age 16 and up. Those age 6-15 years old will need to have a kid pass.

What does the VEHICLE PASS include?

It includes a space for your vehicle for the weekend of camping. You will select a zone for camping for each vehicle pass, which is super awesome for those who want to camp near each other or want a specific area of the venue.

Note that each person camping will need to also purchase a WEEKEND CAMPING ticket.

If your vehicle exceeds 25’ in length, you’ll need to get both a vehicle pass and the large vehicle upgrade pass so we can plan for your arrival, and make sure there’s space for you! School bus conversions are welcome, but will need to contact the event director directly so that we can register you individually (in other words, do not select the large vehicle pass, just hit us up!)

What’s a GENERAL ADMISSION ticket?  

General admission tickets are for those who want to join the rally on Saturday only during the hours of 10am-10pm, including a full live music lineup, craft beer, food trucks, a kids area, vendor village, and festivities. Weekend camping passes are for vehicle owners who plan on spending the night onsite. General Admission ticket holders will have access to the rally but will not be allowed to camp.

Note that the general admission pass is for those age 16 and up. Those age 6-15 years old will need to have a kid pass.

There will be tickets available at the gate on Saturday, September 21, but we recommend you secure your ticket in advance. There is no guarantee that there will be tickets available if we sell out all of a sudden.

What if we have more than one person in our vehicle?

No problemo! Just snag yourself one vehicle pass and however many camping passes there are people.

Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are allowed at this event with a nominal fee of $5. The venue does not typically allow dogs, so while we discourage pets on the grounds of the event, we have been granted an exception for those who travel with their pets in their vans. You may pay this charge during the checkout process during registration. Proof of payment is necessary during check-in at the event. All dogs must be well-behaved and leashed—and please, pick up pet waste.  

Are kids allowed?

Absolutely! We welcome vanlifers of all ages to join us! There will be activities and plenty of room to roam. Children 5 years and under get into the event for free, and kids age 6 -15 years old will require a kids pass (anyone 16 and older will need an adult camping pass). You are responsible for your children at all times.

Can I sell stuff from my van?  

Vendors need to contact the event producer to receive the pricing and registration for selling items, or promoting your brand. All ticketing on the Eventbrite page is for private vehicle owners only. For more information about vending, email

What if I’m not selling anything but I’m promoting my business?

Are you a van build-out specialist hoping to gain business from this event? Do you own a company that is specialized for this audience and want to spread the word? Are you looking to gain clients for your camper van rentals? Are you looking to gain some sort of profit from this event? In other words, will you be soliciting for business at this event? You are considered a vendor and will need to get in touch with the event producer for brand activations in the vendor village areas. All ticketing on the Eventbrite page is for private vehicle owners only. To find out more, email

I’d like to be a sponsor—how can I do that?

We welcome sponsors who would like to be in front of the vanlife community, and take advantage of additional promotional marketing opportunities leading up to the event, and at the event. You can find out more about sponsorships by emailing the event producer at


Assuming the weather is good, we will have all attendees, including general admission daytime passholders, park onsite for the event. The event director reserves the right to make alterations to this plan should the weather inhibit safe and favorable parking onsite. Attendees will be notified in advance of the event if we decide to park general admission passholders offsite.

Will we be able to come and go if we are camping for the weekend? 

You will need to stay parked in your camping area once you load in for the event. We will not allow vehicular traffic through the event as it poses a safety issue, and also disrupts the flow of the space. Some folks in the past have had an auxiliary vehicle park in the general admission parking area to be able to come and go (i.e. for a work shift).

All weekend camping passholders are asked to load in from 12-4pm on Friday, and load out Sunday following our 11am closing circle and group photo.

Can we camp near our friends?

Yes, of course! During the checkout process, you will have the chance to identify the area you wish to camp, and you can coordinate with your friends the zone/s you select, ensuring the opportunity to be together in the same general vicinity!

When do we load in? When do we load out?

Load-in will be Friday 12-4pm at 111 Howard Gap Road, Fletcher NC 288732. All attendees are expected to vacate the property by 2pm on Sunday. More details about loading in will be communicated after registration.


You’ll need to bring your own off-grid power, camping chairs, lighting (for mood lighting, as well as for navigation), bikes for exploring the property, ice for your cooler, cash, yoga mat, weights or stakes for any and all tents, bad weather apparel and gear, reusable water bottles for fill-up, your own zip ties, cords, tape, etc. as well as off-grid device charging. For more info, check out our pre-event info page HERE.

How can I volunteer for this event?

You can pitch in and be an awesome community member, just hop on over to our volunteer site HERE. Volunteers receive a complimentary general admission ticket for Saturday and a drink ticket. We no longer have camping passes available in exchange for volunteering.

Will there be alcohol there? Can I bring in my own alcohol?

Unfortunately, the state of NC does not allow you to bring your own alcohol to an event of this nature.  Fret not, though—we will have beer, wine, and cider. We will feature other options as well, including non-alcoholic beverages, for the entire weekend.

Will there be water on site?

Water will be provided from large cisterns, hoses, and dispensers. Please bring your own reusable container for drinking water fill-ups. Please be sure to come with your water tanks full (and no dumping of grey water onsite). We urge everyone to be mindful of their waste in general.

Will there be areas where we can have campfires?

The venue will provide areas with established campfire areas. Bring your own camping chair or a blanket if you have one, and join the conversation at the fire. We do not allow additional fires onsite. The fire marshal will be doing a walk-through of the event periodically, and will issue fines if you are burning your own fire.

Will there be hookups or other power sources if we need to plug in?  

There are no formal campground-style hookups on site. Please plan to bring your own off-grid power in the form of solar or battery. We do not allow generators, as they detract from the overall experience for all exhibitors and spectators, and there is not a permit for additional generators at this event. There is minimal electricity so be sure to bring your own charging solutions.

Will there be restrooms?

There will be plenty of clean portable toilets and hand washing stations at the event for everyone to use. There will be a handicap accessible bathroom near the vendor area.

Will there be SHOWERS?

At this point, we are hoping to partner with a solar shower company to provide showers for camping passholders. Know any brand who wants to provide showers? Let us know!

Still can't find an answer?

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Thanks to  Skirven & Croft , check out this gorgeous event map for the 2019 Asheville Van Life Rally!

Thanks to Skirven & Croft, check out this gorgeous event map for the 2019 Asheville Van Life Rally!

Thanks to Skirven & Croft, check out this event schedule! Subject to change.

Thanks to Skirven & Croft, check out this event schedule! Subject to change.